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How to Clean Your Altera® Handset

Wed, 12/23/2015 - 11:23 -- IV Solutions

Keeping your AlteraⓇ Nebulizer System clean and disinfected is important in ensuring that your treatment is as effective as possible. It only takes one unsanitary piece of your handset to introduce further infections or irritants into your respiratory system.

There are a few common guidelines provided by the AlteraⓇ Nebulizer System that help you keep your nebulizer clean and effective to make sure that treating P. aeruginosa remains your only concern.

Watch the video below to learn the proper cleaning techniques for your Altera Handset and follow along with the instructions. You can even click the button to the right for a printable pdf to keep with your Altera Handset.




NOTE: The Altera Nebulizer System is for SINGLE PATIENT use ONLY.

  1. Note: It is very important that you DO NOT wash the controller, nebulizer connection cord, AC power supply, or plug converters.
  2. Disassembly: Disconnect the handset from the nebulizer connection cord and disassemble all the Altera® Nebulizer Handset parts.
    • a. Remove the medication cap from the reservoir by twisting it off
    • b. Remove the mouthpiece from the aerosol chamber
    • c. Release the aerosol chamber and open it by pulling on the medication reservoir tab
    • d. Remove the inhalation valve from the aerosol chamber
    • e. Press on the tabs at the side of the aerosol head to remove it. DO NOT touch the inside of the aerosol head. ONLY touch the outer plastic ring.
  3. Cleaning: Thoroughly rinse each of the parts under warm, running tap water for ~10 seconds
    • a. Rinse the aerosol head for 10 full seconds on each side. DO NOT use a brush or any other object to clean the aerosol head
    • b. Add a few drops of CLEAR liquid dish soap in a clean bowl and mix with warm tap water
    • c. Wash all parts and rinse again under warm tap water
  4. Dry: air-dry the parts by placing them on a clean, lint-free towel or cloth
    • a. Once dry, place the parts in a clean container or bag for storage
    • b. ONLY reassemble the Altera Nebulizer Handset prior to using it for treatment. DO NOT store assembled
  5. Disinfect: This must be performed at the end of each treatment day to avoid illness through contamination.
    • a. Clean the Altera Nebulizer as described above
    • b. Disinfect using one of the following 2 options
      • i. Chemical disinfection: Use a commercial medical device disinfectant (Control IIIⓇ)
      • ii. Boiling in DISTILLED water: Place parts in a clean pot of boiling distilled water for 5 minutes. DO NOT use tap water.
    • c. After disinfecting, dry and store as described above

NOTE: The information provided is only for educational purposes and DOES NOT replace a consultation with your physician or the guidance a health care professional can provide you.

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